The Character of God

The Trinity (Processions in the Godhead)

The Processions in the Godhead.
The economic Trinity (seen at work in His Creation) is an expression and revelation of His essential Trinity (how God is in Himself apart from the Creation). God is Father, Son and Holy-Spirit in His Eternal State, not just when He works in His Creation.

 Their roles: The Father plans and initiates, the Son acts and accomplishes in the power of the Spirit, and the Spirit communicates and manifests it.

The 3 Persons have the same undivided essence of God and are only distinguished by their distinctive relationships with each other.

The 3 Persons are one Being, so in everything they do, they act together in order and harmony.

The Son is the eternally begotten Son of the Father through the Spirit
(just as His humanity was generated from the Father through the Spirit - Luke 1:35).
The Son is face to face with the Father (John 1:1), receiving and giving love (glory)
from each other (glorifying each other through the Spirit).

The Spirit is the Personal Giving Love Gift between Father and the Son.
He is given (proceeds) in love from the Father to the Son, who receives Him
and gives Him to the Father. This constitutes the eternal love (self-giving) of God.

The Spirit also spirates (proceeds) from the Father through the Son to us.
In Christ, we enter the fellowship circle of the Trinity in the Son’s position,
so that His fellowship with the Father through the Spirit is the model for us.

The Father (1st Person), Son (2nd) and Spirit (3rd) are of one essence, but are distinct Persons. Each has the whole essence of God. They are coequal in Deity, but the Son and Spirit are after the Father in order, and are subordinate in role. The Father (the first Person) is ultimate source (origin) of the other two Persons.

The Person of the Son is dependant on the Father who begets His Personhood, granting Him to have the full essence of God in Himself (the Son is also dependant on the Spirit for He is begotten by the Father through the Spirit).
The Spirit is dependant on the Father and upon the Son who both spirate Him, being the product of their mutual loving spiration, although the Father is the original source and initiator of His procession. Thus both the Persons of the Son and Spirit depend upon the Father for their origination, and are also subordinate in their role to the Father (but equal in status and essence).

The Son and Spirit are mutually dependant upon (co-ordinate with) each other (the Son sends the Spirit, but on the other hand, He is begotten and works by means of the power of the Spirit).
The Spirit empowers (anoints) the Son (and likewise us ‘in the Son’) to be, respond and receive.
Even the Father depends on the other two for His Personhood, in a sense, for without the Son (and the Spirit) He would not be the Father, and that is the distictiveness of His Personhood.
The Father generates (the Son), the Father and Son spirate (the Spirit).
The Spirit empowers the Son.

All these Persons, relationships and processions (generation, spiration and empowerment) are eternal and did not ever come into existance. They always were and always will be.



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