The Laws Governing the Operation of God’s Healing Power.

LAW 1: The Law of Purpose. God heals man through giving us His Healing Anointing or Power, which is designed by God with the purpose of destroying every yoke of sickness and fully restoring our Health. Therefore it is well able to do this, and when administered to us, it will immediately go to work in us to fulfil its purpose. 


LAW 2: The Law of Origins. God is the Source of all true Healing, and has freely supplied His Healing Power to us all through Jesus Christ, by His Death and Resurrection, and therefore, Healing Power is now available to us in His Spirit, for us to receive as a Free-Gift from God.


LAW 3: The Law of Presence. 

In order for us to receive the Healing Power of God, it must first be made Present to us by the Spirit of God. 


LAW 4: The Law of Invisibility. 

The Power of the Lord can be Present to Heal us, and yet our senses be totally unaware of it.


LAW 5: The Law of Initiation. 

There are two Ways the Spirit of God makes the Power of God Present to Heal us. 

He works with and through: (1) The spoken Word of God, or, (2) a Manifestation of the Spirit.


LAW 6: The Law of Flow. Healing Power can be present, yet not flow. 

Only under certain conditions will it flow into a sick body.


LAW 7: The Law of Application. 

Just because the Healing Power of God is Present does not guarantee that we will benefit from it, for it must also be applied to our bodies (it must either be administered to us, or be received by us, or both).


LAW 8: The Law of Faith. 

Having a need for Healing Power does not, by itself, cause it to work for us. God’s Healing Power must be united with our Faith for it to produce results in us. We must believe we receive God’s Healing Power (unless it is being administered as a manifestation of the Spirit).


 LAW 9: The Law of Discernment. 

In order to benefit from God’s Healing Power, we must first believe that the Healing Power is Present (unless it is a Manifestation of the Spirit).


LAW 10: The Law of Diversity. 

The Healing Power of God can be administered to our body in two main Ways: 

(1) By the spoken Word (of Command), or, (2) By Touch (according to the Law of Contact and Transmission), or by a combination of these two. Within the latter category there are a number of Methods that can be used, the primary Method of Healing being the Laying on of Hands. 


LAW 11: The Law of Contact and Transmission. 

When a physical Contact is established between a sick person and the Healing Anointing, then that Healing Power will be transmitted into his sick body, if he believes he receives it. For example, when a believer anointed with Healing Power lays his hands on the sick, that Power will be transmitted through his hands into the sick body. 


LAW 12: The Law of Communication (Spirit to spirit). 

Healing Power is a spiritual blessing which flows from God, Who is Spirit, to our spirit, in the Holy-Spirit. Therefore it is received by spiritual means into our spirit (by faith, believing with our heart), and from there it flows into the body to the parts that need Healing.


LAW 13: The Law of Progression. 

Once Healing Power has been administered to the sick, a Healing (Recovery) Process begins, as the Healing Power goes to work in their bodies, driving out all sickness and effecting a Healing and a Cure in them.


LAW 14: The Law of Tangibility. 

God’s Healing Power is a real Heavenly substance, capable, sometimes, of being felt by our physical senses, especially when it flows. However, we may or may not feel it, when it is administered to us.


LAW 15: The Law of Conservation. 

Once the Healing Power of God has been administered to us, it will remain in us (for God will not take it away). However, it may lie dormant and inactive within us, if we neglect it. 


LAW 16: The Law of Activation: 

Once the Healing Power has been obtained, then it is necessary for us to: ‘Keep the Switch of Faith turned on’ (to keep believing that we have received it and that it is working mightily in us to accomplish its purpose) in order to keep it active, working and fruitful in us.


LAW 17: The Law of Transfer. 

The Anointing to minister Healing that is upon one believer is capable of being transferred to another, as God wills. In this way the Healing Ministry can be multiplied.


LAW 18: The Law of Storage. 

Healing Power can be stored in certain materials such as flesh, bone and cloth.



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