Understanding God's Healing Power



There are two necessary ingredients in Divine Healing: GOD’S HEALING POWER united with OUR FAITH will produce HEALING in our bodies. 


Luke 5:17-26 tells the story tells how the friends of a paralytic made a hole in the roof to lower him down to Jesus. There were two things present which worked together to free this man from disease. v20: “when he saw their FAITH.” v17: “the POWER of the Lord was present TO HEAL them.” 

When these two team up and work together no sickness can stand. If faith was the only thing the man would not have to be let down through the roof. They had faith before this. So faith alone did not heal this man, neither did the power alone. It was the two working together. Our faith joined with His power causes recovery to begin. In this story their faith needed to join up with God’s Healing Power. But there was something in the way (the roof), which had to be removed. Do we have anything standing between us and His Healing Power? Yes - unbelief -caused by a lack of knowledge. We can remove this by a diligent study of the Word of God.


Mark 5:25-34 tells the story of the woman with the issue of blood. 

In v34 Jesus said: “daughter your FAITH has made you whole.” 

v30: “Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that VIRTUE (Power) had gone out of Him.” God’s Power and her Faith became united and the sickness was defeated. She too had an obstacle between her faith and His Healing Power - the crowd. Had she not pushed her way through it, she would not have been healed. Our lack of knowledge concerning Healing Power is an obstacle that we must push through and remove so that our faith may connect with God’s Power and we can receive our healing. It is the purpose of this message to help remove this barrier. Ignorance concerning God’s Healing power will cause us to be destroyed and taken captive by sickness (Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13). Therefore we must know about God’s Healing Power. We must learn the laws that govern it: where it comes from and how it works, how it is obtained and how to cooperate with it once it is administered to our bodies. The more we know about God’s Healing Power, the more we will have confidence in it and be able to cooperate with it, so that our body will be set free from sickness. 


Isaiah 10:27: “It shall come to pass in that day (of Christ) that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke (of sickness and oppression) will be destroyed because of the ANOINTING (oil).” 


Acts 10:38: “ God ANOINTED Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and (HEALING) POWER who went about doing good (freely and richly distributing this power) and HEALING all that were OPPRESSED of the devil for God was with Him.” 


This ANOINTING by which Jesus healed the sick is also called VIRTUE or (HEALING) POWER (see Luke6:17-19, Mark5:25-34, Luke5:17). God’s Healing Power is very similar to ELECTRICITY. It is a power that has been made available to man by God. It can be stored and under the right conditions it will flow, bringing benefits (light, heat). But we must first understand the laws that govern it. Electricity was present even before its laws were discovered, but no one benefited from it. It was present in the time of Abraham, but he did not enjoy the benefit because of a lack of knowledge. It was not until man learnt about its laws and cooperated with them, that we began to benefit. Likewise Healing Power has been supplied to us through Christ 2000 years ago. But until we understand the Laws governing the operation of ‘God’s Electricity’, we will not know how to work with this Power and be blessed by it. These laws are revealed in the Word of God, especially through the ministry of Jesus. There is not a lack of power (it has been abundantly supplied to us by God through Christ), but rather a lack of knowledge concerning this Power which prevents us benefiting from it!


*The Laws that govern the operation of the Healing Power of God. Once we know these laws, we will be able to connect our faith with His Power and keep it connected until all sickness is destroyed. 


*Law 1 - The Healing Power of God was supplied to us through the Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and so is freely available to us now for us to receive.

Through the Old-Testament Types (Pictures) of the Atonement of Christ, God provided healing for all (the Passover Lamb, Waters of Marah, Brazen Serpent, Cleansed Leper Sacrifice, Jubilee). This proves that healing must have been provided through the Cross itself. This is confirmed in Isaiah 53:5: “By His stripes we are healed (or literally: ‘healing flows to us’)” (also 1Peter 2:24). Through His death and resurrection Jesus supplied all the Healing Power we need! 


*Law 2 - Just because God’s Healing Power is Present does not guarantee that you will be healed.


In Luke 5:17-26, Healing Power was PRESENT to heal them all (v17), but no one was healed until the man came in through the roof. The power was for all but only one person (who believed) was healed. 


In Mark 5:22-34, the power was present on Jesus to heal all (v30) and many in the crowd needed healing, but it seems that only one received, the woman with the issue of blood. In Mark 6, Jesus ‘could there do no mighty work, except lay His hands on a few sick folk and heal them’ (v5). It did not say: “He would there do no mighty work.” It was not because of a lack of power available, but ‘because of their UNBELIEF’ (v6), that caused them not to benefit from the power that was present to heal. Some received, but power was present to heal many more than these. In all these stories, it was those who connected their faith to His Healing Power, who profited from the Healing Power of God. 


*LAW 3 - The Power of the Lord can be Present to Heal and your senses be totally unaware of it.

Just because you can’t feel power does not mean it is not present. Luke 5:17 says it ‘was present’ long before the paralysed man was healed yet the people were totally unaware of it. Only when he connected his faith with it was it manifested, but it present before that. Some only believe if they see someone fall under the power. Your senses are an unsafe guide to determining whether Healing Power is present. 

In Luke 4:16-30, Jesus asked them to believe that the Power was present based on His Word alone. 


*LAW 4 - In order to benefit from the Healing Power, we must first believe that it is Present.

In Luke 4:21, Jesus declared it was present. But they did not believe it and this made it impossible for them to benefit from it. We must believe that it is present NOW to heal. Those who believed it was present to heal were able to benefit from it (Mark 5:25-34, Luke 5:17-26, Luke 7:2-10, Matt15:21-28). It did not require their faith to cause the power to be present, but it did require their faith to benefit. 


(There are two kinds of healing examples in the Gospels. 

(1) Those who CAME to JESUS for HEALING. To these He said: “Your faith has made you whole.” These initiated the healing process with their faith. (2) Those who Jesus approached, led by the Spirit - they received healing as a result of manifestations of the Spirit. They did not initiate the healing process, but the Holy-Spirit did. We are focusing on Type1 as a model for us to recieve our healing). 


*LAW 5: There are Two Ways the Power of the Lord is made Present to Heal.

We must understand how the Power becomes present. Through Christ’s death healing was supplied and made available to us. Since then any believer who becomes aware of it can receive it into his life. In order for it to be obtained, it must first become PRESENT to those who need healing (as in Luke 5:17). Since Jesus is no longer physically here, how can we come in contact with His Healing Power?


1. The Word of God is the Primary Way Power is made Present (see Luke 5:17 as an example). 


Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God is full of living power. 

Thus, God’s Power always accompanies His Word. 

When healing scriptures are read or when someone preaches that God has supplied healing for us, God’s power to heal is at that moment made present. 

The Power of God always accompanies the Word, for it is in His Word. 


“The Gospel IS the Power of God unto salvation (healing)” (Romans 1:16). 

Thus they came ‘to hear and be healed’ (Luke 6:18) - for not only faith comes through hearing the Word, but the power (in the Word) is made present when it is proclaimed).  


In Matthew 14:22-33, Peter walks on the water. The moment Jesus spoke the word, “Come” (v29), power to walk on water was made present to Peter through the word. Before it was given, he did not have this power. When he acted on the Word, he unlocked the power in the Word, and did what he could not do before. Within every promise or command of God is the power to perform it (Luke 1:37). God’s Power accompanies His Word, but our obedience is necessary to release this power (James 1:22). Saving power is made present through the Gospel. If we had never heard the word of salvation, the power to be saved would never have been made present to us. Failure to tell sinners about Jesus keeps them from the power they need to be saved. God does not withold this power, but we do when we fail to give them the word of salvation. thus the Gospel must be preached to all (Mark 16:15), for then we make the power to be saved available to them. When they obey the Word, this power is released and they become a New Creation. Likewise, if a preacher faithfully teaches Divine Healing you can be confident that Healing Power is present (but the obedience of faith is still required to release this power to make the healing manifest) 


(2) The Second Vehicle by which the Power comes is the gifts or manifestations of the Holy Spirit. These can make healing available to the sick, even where the word has not been taught (1Cor 12:7-11). 

These gifts are only as the Spirit wills. 


Thus Jesus ministered to the sick through two main ways: 

(1) By teaching and preaching the Word, so that they could receive the Healing Power made present. 

(2) By allowing the Holy Spirit to use Him as the Spirit willed (see John 5:1-13). 


Acts 10:38 tells us that God ANOINTED Jesus to minister with both (1) HEALING POWER and (2) THE HOLY SPIRIT. Jesus did not just heal through this Healing Power that He was given, but also through flowing with the Holy Spirit. The normal method of healing was and is by Healing power received through faith in the preached Word. But sometimes the Holy Spirit will initiate healing through the gifts. But if He does not, you can initiate obtaining Healing Power by coming in contact with the Word and releasing the Power in it by obedient faith. Either way, you can be set free from sickness. 


 GOD’S HEALING POWER united with OUR FAITH produces HEALING in our bodies. 


So far we have seen the first 5 Laws of Healing Power: 

*LAW 1 - God’s Healing Power was supplied to us through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and so is freely available to us now for us to receive. (Before the Cross Healing Power was available from Jesus after He had received it at His baptism). In Luke 5:17 the Power to Heal was not just generally AVAILABLE, but made PRESENT in the house by Jesus. For Healing Power to be obtained it must first become PRESENT to those who need healing. Electricity may be available in an area from a Power Station, but only when a house is wired up and connected properly is it present. Then it is ready to flow and bring results (light, sound and heat). 


*LAW 2 - Just because God’s Healing Power is Present does not guarantee that you will be healed. Appliances have to be plugged in and switched on, for a demand to be made on the power so it flows.


*LAW 3 - The Power of the Lord can be Present to Heal and your senses be totally unaware of it.


*LAW 4 - In order to benefit from the Healing Power, we must first believe that it is Present. If we don’t believe it is available and present we will not put a demand upon it and receive its flow into us.


*LAW 5: There are two Ways the Power of the Lord is made Present to Heal (Acts 10:38). At times Jesus ministered healing by the manifestations of the Spirit, but the primary way He healed was by teaching the ‘Gospel-Word’ concerning God’s Healing Power. In this way He not only imparted faith to the hearers but made the Power present for them to receive. He could then administer Healing Power to their bodies. The people understood this and so ‘they came to hear Him and be healed’ (Luke 6:17). The Bible describes the WORD as SEED (Luke 8:11, 1Peter 1:23). The Word produces results as seed produces fruit. Seeds are containers of power. Seeds of healing have the power within to produce health. When planted and watered, the power within those seeds is released. Likewise when the word of healing is received and obeyed, health is released causing a growth process of recovery. Since God’s Word contains His Power, it follows that Healing Power accompanies the spoken Word of Healing. Reading healing scriptures makes Healing Power Present. Healing Power always comes with and is made Present by the Word of Healing. 


We see this in Luke 5:17: “Jesus was teaching (the Word)..and the Power of the Lord was Present to Heal them.” What caused the Power to be Present? It was because Jesus was TEACHING the Word of Healing. How did Luke know the Power was Present?  It was not because any healings had happened. He knew it because Jesus spoke the word of healing, declaring that Healing Power was present, even through His words. To benefit from the Power, a person must believe it is present (Law 4). We can believe this if the word of healing has been spoken. 


*Luke 4:18-21 gives the Gospel Jesus preached everywhere: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the GOSPEL to the poor; He has sent Me to HEAL the brokenhearted to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives and RECOVERY of sight to the blind, to SET FREE those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable (Jubilee) year of the LORD".... He began to say to them, "TODAY this Scripture is fulfilled in your HEARING (in the very WORDS I speak!)" What is the GOSPEL He preached? He talked about God’s Power to save and heal, making it present to the hearers (it was ‘fulfilled in their ears’) by declaring: ‘God’s Power is here now to heal you.’ 


*In Mark 16:15-20 He commissions believers to preach the same Gospel: 

"Go into all the world and preach the GOSPEL to every creature...they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover".... they went out and PREACHED (the GOSPEL) everywhere, the Lord working with (the WORD) and confirming the WORD through the accompanying signs (healings that accompanied the WORD).” 


The WORD they preached everywhere in v20 was the GOSPEL in obedience to the command in v15. This Gospel was the same Gospel Jesus preached everywhere (see Luke 4). When they spoke this Word of healing, the Lord in Healing Power worked with (accompanied) the Word (Healing Power was made Present), confirming it. The Word (Gospel) was the vehicule for Healing Power to be made Present. Then it was ministered to the body through hands. Thus to minister healing, first talk about healing (its source, history, laws of operation & testimonies). This brings the Power online (makes it present) as well as building faith. Then when they are ready to receive, lay hands on them or speak it into them.


The Power is made Present through the Word. The Power to Heal always follows (confirms) the Gospel of Healing. However it requires faith on the part of the recipient to benefit from the Power that is made Present by the Word. It does not need a sinner’s faith to make saving power present, but it takes faith on his part to receive it once it is made present through the Gospel. It does not take the faith of the sick to make Healing Power Present, but it does take his faith to receive and benefit from it.


*LAW 6 - The Healing Power can be administered to your body in a number of different Ways. Once Healing Power is Present it must still be administered to our bodies, for it to free our body from sickness. The Bible gives a number of ways it may be administered. These are not in any special order.


1. Handkerchiefs and Aprons, for cloth can store Healing Power (Acts 19:11-12). 


2. The Spoken Word (Luke 7:1-10). Healing Power can be spoken into a body (Mark 11:23).  


3. The Anointing of Oil and the Prayer of Faith by mature believers (James 5:14-15). 


4. Praying the Prayer of Faith for yourself (Mark 11:24). 


5. The Laying on of Hands. This was the main method Jesus used to administer Healing Power to the sick (Mark 8:22-25, Mark6:1-6, Luke4:40). He believed so much in this method that He commissioned every believer to use this same method: “They shall lay their hands on the sick and they (the sick) shall recover” (Mark 16:18).  The recovery process begins when Healing Power is administered by the laying on of hands. Recovery can not happen until Healing Power has been administered. Therefore this verse tells us that Healing Power is given as soon as hands are laid upon us. The instant hands are laid on us, we should consider ourselves to be recovering because the Healing Power is now in us and working mightly. Many receive Healing Power most easily through hands for they can comprehend better that Power is given after hands are laid on them rather through the use of the other methods. There is something about the laying on hands that people can accept that something was given when hands were laid on them. 


In Mark 6:5 Jesus had limited success in Nazareth because of their unbelief - for He could only heal a few sickly folk by laying His hands on them. It seems that when no other method of communicating Healing Power was accepted, some still allowed Him to lay hands on them. This worked when nothing else would. The Jews believed in the laying on of hands for the purpose of transmitting blessing. We see people often coming to Jesus asking Him to lay His hands on the sick, showing that they believed that something was given through His hands. What? Healing Power! 


If the sick embraced this truth, this would eliminate much fear concerning their recovery. If they knew God’s Healing Power went into them the moment hands were laid on them, they would gladly say: “God’s Healing Power is now working in my body driving out all sickness. I know this, because hands were laid on me according to Mark 16:15,18,20, which promises me that I shall start to recover the very moment that believing hands are laid upon me according the Gospel of Christ. This Gospel declares that God’s Saving and Healing Power has been made freely available through the death and resurrection of Christ, and is made present through the Word, ready to be transmitted into my body by the laying on of hands. Therefore when hands were laid on me, God’s Healing Power was imparted to my body and abides there, working mightily to effect a healing and a cure.” 


Thus these are the 5 methods by which Healing Power can be administered to your body. To receive Divine Healing you must come into contact with one of these methods. They are God’s means to get His Healing Power into you to destroy the yoke of sickness. Even with a manifestation of the Spirit, God will use one of these delivery methods. A healing word of knowledge may be followed by hands or by the spoken word: ‘Be healed.’ Then Healing Power is at once administered to their body (the word of knowledge will have stimulated their faith to receive it). 


Which method should we use? For God they all work - they are His ordained channels of Healing Power. He is ready to use any of them to heal us. We can choose (like the Centurion in Luke 7). Use the method you have the most confidence in, then connect your faith with His power. For most people this will be the Laying on of Hands.


 GOD’S HEALING POWER united with OUR FAITH produces HEALING in our bodies. So far we have seen the first 6 Laws of Healing Power: 


*LAW 1 - God’s Healing Power was supplied to us through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and so is freely available to us now for us to receive. This is the Power Station of God’s Electricity which flows to us through the Holy-Spirit. 


*LAW 2 - Just because God’s Healing Power is Present does not guarantee that you will be healed. Electricicity might be available in an area, but there must be a delivery-system for power to made present in a house. Even when power is present a demand must be made on the power, so that it flows. Appliances have to be plugged in and switched on, for the power to produce the desired results.


*LAW 3 - The Power of the Lord can be Present to Heal and your senses be totally unaware of it. Likewise if everything is switched off in a house, we might wrongly conclude that no power is present


*LAW 4 - In order to benefit from the Healing Power, we must first believe that it is Present. If we don’t believe it is available and present we will not put a demand upon it and receive its flow into us.


*LAW 5 - There are 2 Ways the Power of the Lord is made Present to Heal (God’s delivery-system). 

1. The general way is through the spoken Word (Gospel) of God on Healing, declaring Healing Power has been made available through the Cross and is present now as a free-gift to be received by faith. 

2. The special way is through the gifts or manifestations of the Holy-Spirit, as the Spirit wills.


*LAW 6 - The Healing Power can be administered to our bodies in a number of different Ways. Even when Healing Power is Present it must still be administered to our bodies, in order for it to free our body from sickness. There are a number of ways this can be done: 

1. Handkerchiefs and Aprons (Acts 19:11-12). 

2. The Spoken Word (Luke 7:1-10). 

3. The Anointing of Oil with the Prayer of Faith (James 5:14-15). 

4. Praying the Prayer of Faith for yourself (Mark 11:24). 

5. The Laying on of Hands.


When electricity is present in a room, we must still lay hold of that power by plugging in and switching on, in order to receive the action of that power. It is through these God-ordained methods that we plug into the healing power present and by faith receive that power into our bodies, to work healing and drive out sickness. Thus when one these methods are used in obedience to the Word of God, we are to release our faith to believe we receive God’s Healing Power into our bodies. Even when Power is present through a gift of the Spirit, it must be ministered to the body by one of these methods. When you have such a manifestation you also have the power to perform it (minister it to their body). 


*LAW 7: When the Healing Power of God is administered, you may or may not feel it. Mark5:25-34 is the only record where the power was recorded as being felt (it was felt by both the minister and the recipient). Ministers may or may not feel it go out of their hands. Recipients may or may not feel it go into their bodies. Some wrongly think that since they felt nothing they must not have received anything. It is a spiritual power which is not necessarily felt. We do not need to feel the power to know that it was administered (we know by the Word). If we waited for feelings before we believed, we’d be walking by feelings and not by faith. We should continue pray for the sick and believe for their recovery, whether we feel the Healing Power flow or not. Believe it is administered every time we touch them, because Mark 16:18 holds true. Those prayed for should believe the same way. 


Whatever we feel, we should believe that when hands are laid upon us, that Healing Power is being administered to our bodies. Whether we fall or feel does not determine if we get healed. The Bible never says this must happen for you to be healed or for you to begin believing Healing Power was given to you. It may be shown to our senses that Power is being administered to us, but we must still know this by faith in order to continue believing (and so receive its continued action in us) until a full recovery is accomplished. How can I know Healing Power is in my body? Ask: Have I had hands laid on me for healing? If yes, then I can conclude that Power was given to me at that time and that this Power is now in my body. The Word sets us free from being controlled by what we feel or see.


*LAW 8 -Once Healing Power has been administered a HEALING (RECOVERY) PROCESS begins. Mark 16:18 says upon the laying on of hands: “they shall recover.” ‘Recovery’ is a process. God’s Healing Power works to effect a recovery for us from a state of sickness. The manifestation is not normally instantaneous. Healing is a spiritual Power that may take time to produce the physical manifestation. The speed of recovery may depend on the sickness, the measure of anointing received, and the measure of faith in the recipient. Jesus often saw quick results because He operated in a high level of anointing and often inspired great faith, whereas we have to deal with much unbelief concerning healing that has accumulated down Church History. However even Jesus was limited by people’s unbelief (Mark 6:1-6). His healing of the Blind Man was clearly a process (Mark 8:22-26).  The 10 lepers were healed as they went on their journey to Jerusalem (not instantly)- Luke 17:11-19. Only the one who returned to Jesus to give thanks received complete restoration of missing parts (as well as cleansing from sickness). Thus it was a process. A process requires us to stand in faith that Healing Power was received and is at work (developing patience). 


*LAW 9: The Healing Power of God can be put in you, and yet lie within you dormant and inactive.

Ken Hagin would say:“The moment I lay my hands on you, God’s Healing Power will be administered to your body, but what you do with it after that is up to you.” Just because Healing Power has been given does not guarantee that we will be healed. It has the ability to lie dormant within us if we neglect it (but it does not leave us, for when God gives, He does not take away- Romans 11:29). 


We must do something with the Healing Power once it has been administered to us, if it is to remain active and manifest the healing we desire. God may give a man a gift and calling, and yet it can lie in him inactive. It does not manifest just because it is present. So it is with Healing Power. It can be present in our body but lie dormant. 


“Do not NEGLECT the gift that is IN YOU, which was GIVEN to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership. MEDITATE on these things; GIVE YOURSELF entirely to them, that your profiting may be evident (manifest) to all” (1Timothy 4:14,15). God had given something to Timothy through hands (it was not Healing Power, but the principles are the same). It was vital he did not neglect (ignore or be careless of) it. Timothy had not given it proper attention and so it was dormant, inactive and unproductive in him. This shows that something can be given through hands, but lie inactive until the recipient does something with it. 


Once it is been given to us, it is ours and so it is our responsibility (not God’s) to keep it active, by giving it due attention (just as when a watch is given to you, it is up to you to wind it up and keep it running). The gift itself does not have this power. If neglected it will become dormant. Many will not benefit from the Healing Power in them, until they give it the attention needed for it to continue to work once it has been obtained. Paul talks to Timothy a second time about this gift: 


“I remind you (again) to stir up (‘fan into flame’) the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands” (2 Timothy 1:6). 

We often need reminding more than once, because we get too taken up with the problem. Having previously said that the gift must not be neglected, he now explains this negative statement, by giving the positive equivalent, saying it must be stirred up. To ‘stir up’ means to arouse from dormancy. The gift was in him but dormant. It did not leave him just because he did not keep it active. We are not to ask God to stir it up, we must do it. It is up to us what we do with it. If we neglect it, there is nothing God can do to activate it. It could be stirred up anytime Timothy desired.  Likewise Healing Power will lie dormant in us until we choose to stir it up. It does not leave us after a certain time of inactivity. When we make it active, it begins to drive out sickness. Many fail to be healed because upon not quickly feeling the desired results, they become unbelieving and allow the Healing Power to become dormant.


Spiritual things will lie dormant in us until: 

1. We become aware of their presence. 

2. We take the responsibility to stir up what we have been given. 


1. One reason people neglect Healing Power is that they are unaware it was given. They look to their bodies to decide and come to the wrong conclusion. We must convince them it is present, before we can tell them to stir it up (Paul twice reminded Timothy that it was present, before telling him to stir it up). Their words will reveal if they believe they have it. Believing generally in Divine Healing, is not the same as believing specifically that Healing Power was administered to their bodies (Mark 11:24). Believing Jesus supplies salvation and us receiving it are two different things. 2. Another reason we neglect the gift is that our attention is fixed on other things (the problem). Problems demand our attention, but not so we neglect that which will help us. Neglected power is dormant, idle, inactive power. 


How can we give it attention (stir the gift up)? Look again at 1Timothy 4:14,15. 

v14 tells us to give attention to the gift. 

v15 tells us how: “MEDITATE (fix our heart) on these things (concerning the gift)” and “GIVE YOURSELF WHOLLY to them.” 


This is what we are to do after receiving the gift (not to obtain it). We must continue to THINK on it (how it was supplied, administered and working now) and give ourselves wholly to it. This means our life is built around it, so it should show in our words and actions. This starts by TALKING about it, and THANKING God that His Healing Power is working in us. Then it can’t lie dormant, but will keep working in us until we are satisfied with the fruit produced. Don’t let it become dormant. Resist doubts and the devil’s lies by declaring out loud God’s Word concerning healing (James 4:7, Matt 4:4,7,10). The result is that “your profiting will appear to all.” 


If you give yourself to body-building, your progess will appear to all eventually. Likewise ALL WILL SEE that you have profited from God’s Healing Power. Timothy profited originally when the gift was given to him, but it would not appear to all (manifested), unless he would stir it up by thinking, talking, thanking and living it. If Healing-Power is valuable enough for Jesus to die for it, then it valuable enough for us to do this, so that it will appear to all. 


*LAW 10: Once Healing Power has been obtained,

then: “Keep the Switch of Faith Turned On!” 

This phrase from the analogy of electricity means: 

“Keep believing (1) Healing Power has been administered to us 

and (2) is working now to recover our body from sickness.” 

This kind of FAITH GIVES ACTION to the POWER. When we received the flow of Healing-Power into our body, our ‘switch of faith’ was turned on, but we must ‘keep it on’ to get the full benefit. If we turn it off, the power becomes dormant. Refuse to quit just because results don’t come instantly. When we turn on the heating, the room warms up gradually as a process, as long as we keep it switched on! 


Keep it turned on by saying: “Thank you Lord -the Healing Power of God has been ministered to my body and is working in me right now to drive out all sickness and produce health in me.” Stay loyal to your belief, holding fast to your good confession that God’s Healing Power was given and is at work. 

If you fail repent and reactivate the Power (1John 1:9)!



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