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Prophecy Through Paul Pillai

I have called you! (Prophecy through Paul Pillai - May 2005).  

You my children, I have called you, I have chosen you and I have brought you into this place and I have brought you into this fellowship. I have raised men in the midst of you to lead you and guide you for a historic purpose that I will do through you. You are my chosen ones of this city. You are my chosen ones, not only for this city, but to impact the world through this city. You don’t have to imitate anything what others do. You do not seek the ways many others do as they did as my Spirit led them. But my children I will lead you in a very special way in the days to come. You will learn things in such a way directly from Me, directly from my Spirit, you will learn my ways in a very special way. With supernatural things taking place. With mighty works taking place in the midst of you. Not something to imitate somebody but to show directly who I am, my glory, my power. Thousands will be touched by my spirit with a broken heart. Thousands will be touched in their body with healing and deliverance, and many will see My power and my glory in such a way through you in the days to come. 

But I will make an impact in this city. You go in my Spirit. You go in the fullness of my Spirit and claim this city for me. I will work with you. I will work for you. I will send a spirit of holiness in the midst of you. I will send a spirit of brokenness in the midst of you. I will send a spirit of prayer in an unprecedented manner in the midst of you and I will show you what I am going to do through you. I raised you with a historic purpose. You be conscious of my purposes in you my children. You be mindful and purposeful of my glory and my power. You will not be ashamed. Your disappointments, your fears, your anxieties, I will take away completely from you. I will fill you with a new confidence. I will fill you with faith. I will fill you with my power. I will fill you with my patience and longsuffering and gentleness and meekness which will manifest out of you in such a way the city will be amazed. 

Go! In my name, in every corner of the city, every part of the city and lift up my name, you will not be ashamed. You will not be ashamed my children, because I will be with you. I will strengthen you. I will give you a new power and a new spirit and a new confidence and you will not be ashamed in laying hands on the sick to heal and they will be healed by Me. You will not be ashamed to declare Gods purposes in their lives. You will go and be my witnesses. David served his generation and slept with his fathers so you will serve your generation in this time, in such a time like this and you will be an instrument for this city and through his city I will impact the world.

–Prophecy delivered by Paul Pillai, May 08, 2005, Oxford Bible Church.



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