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What happened in 1933?

What happened in 1933? 

In AD 33, national Israel was (spiritually) cut off from her place of favour (because of her rejection of Christ) and the Gentile nations were grafted in her place: “if some of the (natural) branches were broken off (unbelieving Israel), and you (the Gentiles), being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree” (Romans 11:17). This meant that meanwhile, God’s blessing and anointing came upon the Gentile nations for their salvation (they were grafted into God’s goodness, although only those who believed actually received the flow of God’s life into themselves). As a result, the Church became mostly Gentile. 

According to Luke 13:6-9, this happened 6 months after the Cross (marked in Acts 7 by Stephen’s speech and martyrdom). Moreover, this scripture shows that as a result of this cutting off, Israel would lose her national life and place in the land. 

Now, when Israel fell into idolatry, God removed her dominion (rulership in the land) and gave it to the Gentiles, and thus the Times of the Gentiles began (607-588 BC). Israel even had to leave the land for 70 years under Babylon, but she was still 
God’s anointed witness. However when she rejected Christ her situation worsened because she was also cut off spiritually, which resulted in her also losing the land on a more permanent basis and on top of that, the Gentiles were grafted into her place of favour. 

In other words, this spiritual judgement on Israel led to the Times of Gentile Dominion going into a more intense phase. This increased the Gentile dominion over Israel, and the Gentile right of occupation of the land. 

Thus, within the Times of the Gentiles, there is a period when Gentile dominion over Israel intensified as a judgement on her sin of rejecting Christ. Since this time of Gentile favour was a period within the Times of the Gentiles, this was just a temporary situation, and we would expect a reversal of this before the close of the Times of the Gentiles, as God started to restore Israel. 

In fact, the apostle Paul goes on to warn the Gentile nations that they, like Israel, will also be spiritually cut off from their place of favour if they are found in pride and unbelief: "(you Gentile nations) do not boast against the branches (Israel). But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you. You will say then, "Branches were broken off that I might be grafted in." Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith. Do not be haughty, but fear. For if God did not spare the natural branches (Israel), He may not spare you either (God will judge the Gentile nations the same way). Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell (Israel), severity; but toward you (Gentile nations), goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also (the Gentile nations) will be cut off ! (as Israel was in AD 33)” (v18-22). 
Here Paul prophesies a judgement that would come upon the Gentile nations (not upon individuals) before the end of the age. This cutting off will open the way for the necessary reduction of the Gentile dominion over Israel, as the Times of the Gentiles come to a close, preparing the way for Israel to be restored to the land, and then later to be spiritually grafted back into her rightful place of favour as God’s representative (v23,24). The latter will happen immediately after the rapture of the Church and will ultimately lead to her full salvation by the end of the Tribulation (v25). Although Israel has not yet been grafted back in, God has established her as a nation and protected her. (However she will continue to experience great troubles while she abides in unbelief concerning her Messiah). 

This indicates that the Gentile nations have already been cut-off (as Paul had warned) and that this must have happened before 1948. 
In fact it was in 1933 as we shall see. 

When Israel was spiritually cut off in AD 33 she lost the right to be in the land (Luke 13:7), as well as having already lost her dominion (self-rule). God’s hand of protection was removed and forces were set in motion for her to be removed from the land. Likewise, when the Gentiles were cut off in 1933, they also lost 
the right to be in the land instead of Israel. So, this was a necessary step towards Israel’s restoration to nationhood in the land. God’s hand came off the Gentiles, and His hand of blessing came upon Israel to restore her to the land. Thus, forces were set in motion for Israel’s restoration to the land. 

In AD 33-73, there was a spiritual judgement by God (in AD 33) followed by a progressive outward manifestation, so that within 40 years Jerusalem was destroyed and Israel was expelled from the land by the Romans. The same kind of thing happened in 1933-73, but this time to reverse what happened 1900 years before. 

In AD 33, Jesus acted out upon a Fig-Tree the coming judgement on Israel. 
(1) He cursed it spiritually at its roots, which 
(2) resulted in its progressive outward withering. 

Also the Fig-Tree in Luke 13 (representing Israel) was: 
(1) cut down in AD 33, 
and (2) finally removed from the land in AD 73. 

Likewise 1,900 years later, 
(1) God cut off the Gentiles in 1933, and 
(2) this was soon outwardly manifested beyond doubt with the rebirth of Israel (1948), the recapture of Jerusalem (1967) and its confirmation in the Yom-Kippur War (1973). So we see that there is a period of 40 years of Israel’s restoration (1933-73) after the Gentile cutting off, parallel to the 40 years (AD 33-73) of decline after Israel was cut off, exactly 1900 years before. This correspondence confirms we have entered the last days of the age.

Why is there a 1,900 year time difference between the cutting off of Israel (in AD 33), and the cutting off of the Gentiles in 1933? 

God had marked out four Great Jubilee (Redemption) Cycles of 490 years for Israel: 
1. Abraham’s birth to the Exodus. 
2. The Exodus to Solomon’s Temple
3. Solomon’s Temple to the Decree to Rebuild Jerusalem
4. Daniel’s 70 Weeks (490 years) to Messiah (AD33).

When the Messiah was rejected, instead of receiving the Kingdom, Israel (because of her unbelief) was cut off at the end of the final 490 years, and the Gentiles were grafted in. They were also given 4 Cycles of 490 (lunar) years (making 1960 lunar years) of favour (from AD 33-1933). Now 1960 lunar years of 354 days is almost exactly 1,900 solar years. At the end of this time (1933), when the Gentile nations were found in unbelief, they too were cut off according to the prophetic warning of Romans 11:22. 

Therefore 1933 marked a key spiritual moment in the progress of the end-times. 

The believers God used to mark this event were shown (200 days in advance) the date of June 12th, 1933, but they were not sure what would happen. On that very day the first World Monetary and Economic Conference opened in London when all the nations of the world came together to solve the economic problems of the world (it was the time of the Great Depression). In the opening speeches the nations united in a deliberate choice to not acknowledge God or ask for His help, and talked instead of man’s ability to unite to solve his problems (this is now normal practice 
of course). God spoke to these believers saying: “the Gentiles are now cut off.” The Conference ended in failure, but this manifestation of the Tower of Babel (man’s attempt to create a united one-world system, organised independently from God) 
was the occasion God used to cut off the Gentiles. Thus Romans 11:22 was fulfilled as the Gentile nations continued their godless agenda to rebuild the Tower of Babel (a One-World Order) that will come to its fullness in the Tribulation, before being judged by God as He did before. Later these same believers discovered that this date in 1933 was, to the day, exactly the end of the 4x490 years from the day Israel was cut off in AD 33 (see above).

This year (1933) also saw the rise of Hitler, leading to World-War 2 (1939-1945), and the formation of the United Nations, all of which in turn helped prepare the way for the rebirth of Israel in 1948 (helped by the Holocaust and the transformation 
of the international scene). 

These events all confirm that God had indeed cut the Gentile Nations off. 

This was a judgement on nations, rather than on individuals. 
It allowed things to move toward their state in the Tribulation.

Firstly, satan desires to bring about a One-World Order under antichrist (the final form of Babylon). God is allowing evil to grow to maturity to fullness so that He may judge it. (God’s wrath often works by giving men or nations over to their stubborn choices to go their own way and they will have to face the consequences of that). Therefore, God’s hand of restraint came off the Gentile nations, allowing them to move their plans forward for a One-World Order. It also resulted in the release of the forces to bring about a revived Roman-Empire, and eventually the One-World Government of the Tribulation. But this release of evil also results in much suffering (such as World-War and the other ‘pains’ that anticipate the full ‘birth-pains’ of the Tribulation, described by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse, which also characterise this present time).

Secondly, God’s hand of blessing could now also come on Israel to restore her to her land and for her to be re-established as a nation, in preparation for the Tribulation. Israel is now in the land, but is still in unbelief, and awaiting her full spiritual restoration, which is necessary for the Millennial Kingdom to be established. Only then will she be fully and permanently restored, enjoying the complete fulfilment of the Abrahamic Covenant. She is presently only in possession of the land by the mercy of God, for she is not fulfilling the covenant requirements for her restoration (repentance and faith in the Messiah). God has brought Israel back to the land in the time just before the Tribulation, because of His purpose to deal with her there and to save her through the Tribulation (when she calls upon the Name of Jesus), and then to establish His Kingdom. 

The present time is ‘the last-days’ of the Church-Age. Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse, indicates that it is a special, well-defined time, immediately before the Tribulation, that is no more than a man’s lifetime. We have seen that the events of 1914, 1933, 1948 and 1967 establish with certainty that we are indeed in this ‘end-time’. Since the Gentile nations were cut off in 1933, we have been in a special period of grace that closes the Church-Age, whose purpose is to complete the Gentile harvest (‘the fullness of the Gentiles’), and to make preparation (set the stage) for the Tribulation to begin. Both Israel and the nations are now cut off. However, the true Church remains grafted in as God’s representatives and witnesses. 

When the Church is raptured, the final restraint preventing evil’s full manifestation will be removed. With the Church gone, Israel will be grafted in again spiritually as God’s anointed nation. But 7 more Times (Years) of dominion are given to the Gentiles. Thus, God will have established the same conditions for the Tribulation as previously existed in the 7 Years of Messiah (AD 26-33): Israel is the favoured (anointed) nation, she is in the land, but under the discipline of being under Gentile domination. This is necessary, because these last 7 years are the re-run of the 
7 cancelled years of Messiah. Israel are to be given a second chance to receive her Messiah. The 7 years of grace under Christ are replaced by 7 years of Tribulation under antichrist, but this time Israel will be saved!



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