The Imminent Invasion of Israel

Chapter 4: WHY do they invade? - Part B

Thus the Russian purpose of the invasion is to gain a solid foothold in the Middle East with its abundance of oil. A Russian take over of Israel would give her such a foothold without overly upsetting the Arabs, since they would be in favour of the destruction of Israel, even if it means a Russian army in the area. 

Gog is aware that Israel is a strong, prospering nation possessing a strategic position in the Middle-East (‘at the Centre of the Earth’). 

Therefore, by invading, Gog can gain much wealth, and more importantly, a strong strategic foothold in the Middle-East enabling him to control much of the world’s OIL supply. His real motive will therefore not be liberation, but the expansion of his empire. Although he pretends to be concerned for the Palestinians, his real motive will be for personal gain, for SPOIL, especially OIL.

This motivation to gain wealth is no doubt strengthened by the economic crisis which also threatens Russia. The situation will soon arise when it looks like Israel will be a soft target for a sudden invasion, which will in one stroke solve all Russia’s economic problems. By taking advantage of Israel’s world-wide unpopularity, Gog will mobilise an international force against her, no doubt claiming to come as a liberation force for the Palestinians and solving the Israel problem once and for all. With the widespread support of the Islamic nations and opposed only by a weak, indecisive American Administration, Russia will calculate that she can get away with it. 

Israel is described as a Land of: “unwalled villages... dwelling without walls” (v11). It is interesting to note that until 1900, virtually all villages and cities in the Middle East had walls for defence. Ezekiel had never seen a village or city without defensive walls, and it was a surprise for him to see that. Yet, in our day, Israel is a “land of unwalled villages” because modern warfare (bombs and missiles) make City Walls irrelevant for defence. This is one more indication this prophecy refers to our modern times. It is also interesting that Israel is known for her ‘Kibbutzim.’ 

Gog will see his opportunity to strike. Although Israel is dwelling securely, because she has a strong military and strong allies who would defend her, Gog perceives that she is is actually vulnerable to a sudden massive invasion by many nations acting together on many fronts, that her national defences are insufficient (‘without walls, bars or gates’). This vulnerability is increased by the fact that Israel will clearly not be expecting such a co-ordinated invasion of many nations working together, and by the fact it is such a small piece of land, making it harder to defend and easier to overwhelm quickly. Moreover Gog may also perceive that because of Israel’s increasing unpopularity in the world, her allies are less likely to come quickly to her defence. This would be reinforced if her main ally had weakened in its resolve to defend her, in order to appease other nations. So, by organising a massive, sudden invasion, Gog will calculate it will all be over before anyone can respond decisively, and then it will be too late. He will calculate that the West will not be willing to go immediately to the nuclear option and start World War 3 in order to defend Israel, especially as they will not just be dealing with Russia alone, but all the nations with her.

From the viewpoint of the Muslim nations, due to Israel's superior military strength, they need a world power like Russia as an ally in order to successfully invade Israel. We are told in Ezekiel 38 what Russia’s evil motivation will be, but not the motivation of the nations supporting her. However, they must have their own reason for wanting Israel eliminated. Looking at the present political situation, it is easy to see what this reason is: the nations allied with Russia are all strongly Islamic, and see Israel as their enemy, standing in the way of Islam’s advance. While Israel exists it raises a big question mark over the truth of Islam and the power of Allah. Russia will no doubt promise them control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. 

The evil motives of Russia and the other nations, and the opportunity that arises to fulfil their ambitions will be ‘the hooks in their jaws’ that God will use to bring them into Judgement for their rejection of God and their ill-treatment of His People (Israel): 

Ezekiel 38:3,4: “Behold, I am against you, O Gog, the prince of ROSH, Meshech, and Tubal. I will turn you around(toward Israel), put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out (to Israel).”

We see that God is in ultimate control of the situation. Although Gog is responsible for his own evil plans and actions, God will overrule, and even use them to bring him into Judgement, by causing him to come against Israel, where God will pour out His Judgement upon him and those nations with him. As a result, the Name of the God of Israel will be glorified, not just in Israel but throughout the world. God will thus turn this around to His glory.



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