Sodom and Gomorrah

Chapter 5: A Tour of Gomorrah - Part 2


In these areas the residual shapes of buildings can often be seen, that look as if they had somehow been transformed into ash, while still preserving their basic shape. Sometimes symmetrical archways are apparent, and even rooms.

This is an artists reconstruction of what some of these buildings might have looked like:


*ZIGGURATS There are a number of Ziggurat shapes, which were a feature of ancient cities, and used for religious purposes.


Gomorrah has an elevated flat Temple platform (an Acropolis used as a holy place). On this platform stands a conical Ziggurat shape (below) as well as a Sphinx (opposite). Notice how the white ash-like material stands out from the natural brown rock of the area.

*SPHINXES acted as symbolic protectors of ancient Cities. 
There were at least 4 Sphinxes at Gomorrah, one for each of the main Gates. They sat outside the Gates as Guardians of the City.

These structures look solid but they are compressed ash-like material that would easily be crushed in your hands under the slightest pressure. If you take hold of the material it will crumble in your hands. It has the consistency of powder or ash.

They may just be laying on the ground, often best revealed just after some rain or embedded in a clump of ash-material (see below) or they may be embedded in the ashen formations.




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