Sodom and Gomorrah

Chapter 1. Judgement by Fire - Part 3

When this material was tested, it was shown to contain no clay. If it had ever been underwater it should contain clay, indicating it was not laid by water. Moreover, if the whole plain area between the Dead Sea and the mountains had once been underwater, then these ashen formations would have been evenly distributed over the whole area that had been covered. Yet, they are isolated. 

The positions of these 5 areas of ash-like material are shown on the map on page 31. The best preserved of these areas is Gomorrah, next to the mountain fortress of Masada. Another ashen area is further south, at the southern end of the Dead Sea, right next to what is now called ‘Mt. Sodom’, the world’s largest salt mountain! This must be Sodom. The southernmost of these regions (south of Sodom) is indeed the smallest, as the Bible indicates, and so must be Zoar.
You can see a picture of the ashen City of Zoar below.

*2. These whitish regions of ash-like material contain shapes (formations) displaying all the visual characteristics of ancient Cities, including Double City-Walls and Buildings (see opposite). 

Even the shapes of Towers, Ziggurats and Sphinxes can be discerned (see Chapter 5: A Tour of Gomorrah) for more pictures. These create a real sense of being a Shadow City, turned to ash. Although erosion has had its effect over thousands of years, it does seem that God has indeed preserved these places to be permanent displays of His Judgement by Fire and Brimstone. 

The base of these formations tell you where the original street level would have been (see picture opposite). The path that goes through the formations is now near the bedrock, since the ashen material there has been washed way over the years.

*3. Millions of Balls of compressed powdered Sulphur are indeed embedded in the ash-like material of these Cities, but nowhere else around the Dead Sea. In fact you cannot find sulphur naturally in this form, anywhere else in the world. These sulphur balls do not occur anywhere else except in these localised areas of ash-like material around the Dead-Sea. The most amazing proof these 5 areas are the remains of the 5 Cities destroyed by fire and brimstone (burning sulphur balls) are the millions of yellow sulphur balls embedded in the ash-like material. The remains of the sulphur balls that rained down from heaven 4000 years ago, turning the Cities around the Dead Sea into Ash, just as the Bible describes, are embedded throughout these formations, ready to be discovered.

Some of the many sulphur balls we found on a recent trip to Gomorrah. My last Tour Group found at least 70 of these sulphur balls. Whenever there is a bit of rain, a thin layer of ash is removed and more balls are revealed, to be discovered. They are 98% pure sulphur. If you burn them, they give off a terrible stench! An enormous quantity of burning sulphur must have fallen (rained) down upon these Cities, wreaking a terrible destruction!


They are often found covered by a fragile brown crust, and surrounded by a brown-red BURN-RING, indicating that they came down from above as burning brimstone balls of fire:



It is easy to confirm it’s sulphur. Just burn it and smell!

*4. The region of the Dead Sea of course has enormous quantities of Salt. In fact, it is well-known for this very thing.

This is especially true in the area near to Sodom, for Mt. Sodom, by the Dead Sea, is a massive salt mountain, the largest in the world. 

This confirms that God covered the whole area with SALT, as the Bible says, making it the saltiest place on earth. The Dead Sea is totally saturated with salt (25-28%), unlike any other natural body of water. The high salt content of the Dead Sea is the reason for the absence of life in the Lake. Nothing can live there, because it is so salty. Vegetation cannot grow with the salt present. Invading armies would often salt an area to prevent the enemy from growing food and grazing animals there, thus making it uninhabitable. Likewise, God salted this area so nothing could live there again, so as to preserve it as a Sign and Testimony of His Judgement. In fact, the ‘salt-zone’ does come to an end just before the ashen Zoar!

There is an ashen area south of Sodom which is the smallest one. This must be Zoar, described by Lot as a “little one”, having a clear square shape (see the picture opposite). This agrees with the Bible, for Lot had to flee south to Zoar to escape the destruction-zone. Moreover this ‘Zoar’ is outside the salt-zone as the Bible requires.

Thus all the evidence at the Dead Sea confirms the Bible’s account that God judged the whole area with SALT, SULPHUR and FIRE, leaving behind a lasting Memorial of His Judgement upon sin.
All this confirms that God literally RAINED upon Sodom and Gomorrah BRIMSTONE and FIRE (burning sulphur), turning these Cities to ashes just as the Bible says. These ash-like areas around the Dead Sea satisfy all the unique requirements of the Biblical account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. All we would expect to be there is indeed there. Josephus and Peter’s description of shadow Cities existing by the Dead Sea in the time of Christ, having been turned to ash, perfectly describes what is seen today. 

Therefore the remains of these Ashen Cities by the Dead Sea still exist today, and testify to the truth of God’s Word and the terrible certainty and finality of His coming Judgement by Fire. It was an exemplary Judgement, a Divine Demonstration, a warning Sign that one day soon, He will surely judge all the wicked who’ve hardened their hearts against Him, rejecting His great Mercy and Salvation. The same Bible that tells us that God is Merciful and does not want to punish us, also tells us He is Just and so must punish our sins. “Behold, the goodness and the severity of God!” (Romans 11:22).You need to be on the right side of God! Don’t take His mercy and love for granted, but turn back to Him with all your heart before it is too late. He loves you and wants to forgive and save you, but it is urgent you must put all your trust in His Son, Jesus Christ, Who loved you so much, that He died on the Cross for you. He took your place and paid the penalty for your sins! He bore the punishment and wrath of God that you deserved and should have fallen on you!



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