Church Handbook

Appendix 3: Prayer Ministry Guidelines

In Prayer-Ministry, personal prayer is offered on a regular basis for a season. These guidelines are designed to create openness, and give protection to all concerned. 

1. Do not pray ALONE with a member of the opposite sex.

2. If someone is on essential medication they must only change this in co-operation with their doctor. The prayer-ministers must insist on this for ministry to continue. 

3. If a prayer-ministry enters a ministry situation with a Church Member through their own contact, they should inform the Pastors so that revelant information can be shared. They should keep the Pastors informed as necessary.

4. If a prayer-minister comes across difficulties, they should not hesitate to seek advice or help from the Pastor. This would not be seen as failure but wisdom.

5. The principle of confidentiality should not extend to keeping important information from the Pastors (this applies to situations where the unity, life, health and witness of the Church is at risk). This should be made clear as a ground-rule to anyone receiving ministry. The Pastor needs to know (1) if the person is involved in something illegal, (2) if the person comes off essential medication without the agreement and supervision of their doctor, (3) if the person’s words or actions are endangering the life of the Church. For example if he/she is causing strife, division or trying to usurp authority in the Church, then the Pastor needs to know about it. Follow Matthew 18:15-17.

6. Prayer-ministry is a temporary ministry arrangement. The aim (success) is for them to find freedom in Christ and grow to the point where they are not dependent on your ministry. Be careful not to create over-dependency. If the person is not applying the Word of God in their life (e.g. not taking the ‘homework’ seriously), 
then the prayer-ministers should feel free to discontinue ministry rather than waste their time.



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