Church Handbook

Chapter 2 How do I become a Member? / Advantages of Membership



1. Please read this Handbook. 
It is designed to give you a good understanding of our beliefs, goals and vision as a Church. It will help you know what we are all about and if you want to identify with the vision and be a member of the Church family or not. 

It explains the standards, responsibilities and benefits of membership. Abiding in these will help us to maintain a positive, united and committed Church relationship and spiritual atmosphere.

It lets you know of the possible ways you might get involved in Church life with your talents and time. This might be by being part of a midweek group or taking a place of ministry (service) in the Church (or both). 

2. Realise Membership is primarily shown in your faithfulness to the Lord and your participation in Church-life. 

3. Tell Pastor Derek that you would like to be a Member,and he will pray with you to impart a Pastoral Blessing.


Please note: Those who have already been involved in the life and ministry of the Church for some time, are considered as members even though they may not have followed these exact steps. 


Advantages of Membership.
1. You will be obeying the scriptural requirement of being in a committed relationship to a local Church, in submission to and accountable to the leaders in the Church as well as to one another. You will come under a protective spiritual covering.

 2. It brings you into a greater sense of belonging within God’s Kingdom on earth,and closer fellowship with those of like-precious faith. 
 3. Increased spiritual growth.
4. By being partners in the ministry of the Church you will share in the anointing upon the Church and in the eternal rewards from the fruit of the Churches’ work and outreach.
 5. You will receive a greater supply of the Spirit through the ministry, prayers and spiritual oversight of the leaders; as well as from the fellowship and anointing of the other members.
 6. It enables you to quickly get involved in the life of the Church, and find a place of service where you can be a blessing, so that you move from being on the edge of Church-life to being fully involved at its heart.
 7. As we all work together, each doing our part, we can do great things for God! By joining forces with and helping others who are committed to the same vision as us, we can accomplish much more for our Lord Jesus Christ than if we live an isolated Christian life.



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