The Gospel in the Stars

A visual Presentation of the whole Stellar story

DVDs of these Presentations are available at £6 each p&p.

There are 12 Signs giving us 12 Chapters.
There are 3 Acts of 4 chapters each.

Act 1: The First Coming of the Redeemer

Chapter 1: The Seed of the Woman
VIRGO, the Virgin brings forth the promised Seed COMA,
the Desired One of the Nations
CENTAURUS, the Dual-Natured Centaur in Death
BOOTES, the Good Shepherd

Chapter 2: The Redeemer’s Atonement
LIBRA, the Scales of Justice, the payment of the supreme price.
CRUX, the Cross - the price is the Cross endured.
LUPUS, the Beast of Sin slain.
CORONA, the Crown of Glory regained.

Chapter 3: The Redeemer’s Conflict
SCORPIO, the Stinging Scorpion
SERPENS, the Serpent striving for the Crown
OPHICIUCUS, the Serpent-Holder restraining the Serpent.
HERCULES, the Mighty Conqueror of Evil.

Chapter 4: The Redeemer’s Triumph
SAGITTARIUS, the Centaur rises in triumph from the dead.
LYRA, the Harp - He fills the Heavens with Praise.
ARA, the Altar - Consuming Fires prepared for His Enemies.
DRACO, the defeated Dragon under His Feet.