Daniel’s 70 Weeks

by Derek Walker


Daniel’s 70 Weeks

Chapter 1: An Overview 

Chapter 2: The 70 Weeks  

Chapter 3: The Starting Point for Daniel's Seventy Weeks

Chapter 4: Calculation and Fulfilment of the 70 Weeks

Chapter 5: The 70th Weeks compared

Appendix 1: Dispensational Interpretations compared 

Appendix 2: Anderson-Hoehner Interpretation (a Critique) 

Appendix 3: When did the Jewish Year start?

Appendix 4: The Day the Sun stopped Shining

Appendix 5: When the Moon turned to Blood 

Appendix 6: Israel’s 490 Year Cycles

Appendix 7: The 3 Days and 3 Nights

Appendix 8: Charts on the Chronology of the Life of Christ

Appendix 9: Chronology of the Tribulation